Je vis dans la forêt à Portland

Présentation de cette maison insolite cachée dans les arbres construite à Portland. L’idée de ce bâtiment est d’être parfaitement impliqué dans le paysage naturel. Regardez l’intérieur original en bois de la maison. Bonne visite !


This overall view of the living room should be photographed in the day (overcastt is fine). I'd remove most furniture except for the sectional sofa. There are two square seats in the far window which would be nice to include in the foreground. Obviously a quick clean to remove the clutter is necessary and fresh flowers for the living room. A bowl in the foreground with some green apples would be nice.

I can get slightly wider than this to complete the full circle

Again, with most of the furniture removed, this is a fine view which shows the interplay of the space with the exterior/outdoor view and feel. I suggest an evening shot so that the blue light can interplay with the warm tones and greens of the interior.